Mike Collins

Mike has spent his entire 20 year career in the field of business to business credit management and debt collection. He held senior positions at Midland Bank, GUS Group and Dun & Bradstreet before embarking into private practice, and taking up Managing Director roles at the Guardian Group and The Direct Route Collections Group.

In 2008, Mike began the pursuit of his long-held ambition to radically change the ‘shambolic’ system of credit management that exists in the business to business community, and became the driving force behind AccountAssyst. He approached Gerald Krasner with the AccountAssyst concept and Gerald quickly became an early partner in the business.

Mike is widely regarded by his peers as being one of the leaders in the credit management industry and is seen as the ideal person to drive forward the AccountAssyst concept. He is regularly invited to present AccountAssyst to both businesses and potential introducers including legal practices, accountants and trade associations.

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