Features of AccountAssyst

AccountAssyst has been developed by a team of entrepreneurs with many years experience in credit management for businesses. It’s an incredibly powerful, simple to use online credit management solution for businesses that offer products or services to other businesses. If your company supplies services or products on credit, you will benefit from the highest levels of protection at all stages of the credit management process.

AccountAssyst goes beyond providing you with accurate information on the creditworthiness of potential and existing clients. It includes:

new account opening

New Account Opening

Save time and money with AccountAssyst automated processing for new credit applications.
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customer check

Existing Customer Reviews

Ensure your existing customers are still creditworthy with up-to-the-minute data.
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Credit Reporting

An early warning system that alerts you whenever there is a critical change to a company that you’re monitoring, such as a new credit rating, a CCJ or new accounts being filed.
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rosi monitor

ROSI Monitor

ROSI Monitor instantly alerts you by email if one of your customers fails to pay one of their other suppliers after they have had a demand letter from a Debt Collection Agency (DCA) or solicitor.
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credit control

Credit Control

A customized diary prompt system which provides you with an extremely efficient aid to pursuing overdue monies in a controlled manner.
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The cost of using AccountAssyst is very modest. We have subscription and Pay As You Go packages to suit your needs. » See pricing

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