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Our customized diary prompt system is a powerful and efficient aid to pursuing overdue monies in a controlled manner.

The system enables you to create a credit control methodology and diarise each step of the process. You can choose to send instant demand letters by post, fax or email and you will then be prompted by email to consider any subsequent action required at the appropriate time. By simply clicking on the relevant link within the email, you can advise whether the required payment has yet been received, and if not, instruct which course of action you would next like to take.

Again, there are many benefits to using this Credit Control system:

1. Branded demand letters

All demand letters are issued using your own company name and contact details. The letters are also branded with your company logo.

2. Time saving

The diarised prompt function within the credit control process saves you time and allows you to concentrate on running your business. In effect it enables you to delegate the administrative functions of credit control to less experienced staff whilst still retaining the control of dealing with any queries at a higher level.

3. Third party escalation

As part of the credit control process there is the option to pass the matter to a third party solicitor or debt collection agency should this become necessary. The instruction is done at the click of a button and the third party immediately receives the relevant information on the debtor including the account opening information and the credit control procedure.

AccountAssyst users can often benefit from a zero-cost debt recovery service from one of our approved partners. Please ask for further details.

4. A structured path to legal action

All credit control procedures and copies of demand letters are recorded on the system and a summary of the information is always available. This provides a record for the Court that demonstrates the steps taken to recover money should legal action become necessary, thereby enhancing the likelihood of success. Usually, however, having such information available helps ensure a speedy and successful recovery of monies through your nominated third party. 

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